How can I know the specific location of my EfficientPIM data file?

There are three methods for you to search your data files:

  1. If you run EfficientPIM for the fist time, by default, your information will be saved in the directory "C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\My Documents\My Information.effx".
  2. Besides, you can click the File menu in the main window, and then you can see five files in the drop-down list which were opened recently (including full paths and file names).
  3. And you can open your Explorer to search *.effx files.
    1. If you are a Windows XP user, You can click Start Search File or Directory to open Explorer .
    2. If you are a Windows 7 user, you can click the Start menu, and then search *.effx files in the text box of Searching programs and files or enter Explorer by pressing "Win + E".

Tips: The extensions list of each software

Product Name Version 5.x Version 3.x Version 2.x Version 1.x
Efficcess .effw      
EfficientPIM .effw .effx .eff .hef
Efficient Man's Organizer .effw .effx .eff  
Efficient Lady's Organizer .effw .effx .eff  
Efficient Address Book .eabw .eabx .eab  
Efficient To-Do List .etdw .etdx .etd  
Efficient Reminder .erfw .erfx .erf  
Efficient Calendar .ecfw .ecfx .ecf  
Efficient Diary .edfw .edfx .edf  
Efficient Notes .enfw .enfx .enf  
Efficient Sticky Notes .esnw .esnx .esn  
Efficient Password Manager .epmw .epmx .epm  

This article is suitable for EfficientPIM, Efficient Man's/ Lady's Organizer, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Address Book, Efficient Notes, Efficient Diary, Efficient Password Manager, Efficient Calendar, Efficient To-Do List, and Efficient Sticky Notes.

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