Pocket Your Data into Personal Information Manager Software EfficientPIM App Released

It is troublesome to manage calendars, contacts, passwords, diaries, notes, tasks, events separately, but EfficientPIM gets them organized together efficiently.

17-July-2015 – Chongqing, China – Just get the latest news from Efficient Software that the Efficient PIM 5.0 version will be launched next week, let’s expect together.

EfficientPIM is a full-featured personal information manager that can help keep track of contacts, appointments, tasks, to-do lists and calendars, it also gives space for keeping notes, diaries, and even passwords and so on. All things are located in one, easy-to-use interface so that users can get organized well, get things done easily and gain higher efficiency and productivity. It has Pro version for personal offline use and Network version to real time sync data among multi-users in business groups (SMEs). What has updated in this new version, check the dialogue with CEO and Engineer, Paul Zhang.

"It is about 10 years since I came up an idea to design EfficientPIM, it was my small dream to simplify people around to manage kinds of personal information and improve efficiency and productivity highly. However, to my surprises, more and more people like this software, even the overseas which expanded my dream blueprint as well. We gradually add 38 multi-languages, perfect functions, services to enhance the customer experiences. Now in 2015, we usher in another groundbreaking leap--EfficientPIM 5.0 launch, sincerely thanks all support from customers/partners."

He continues, "In these ten years, the version has upgraded from V1.0 (2007), V2.0 (2009),V3.0(2013), to V5.0 (2015), of course new version is compatible with all the previous data. Even the data file formats have changed from hef, eff, effx to effw directly. Secondly, we perfect the code (UTF-8) program, users can add/save any language characters without any garbled."

"The most important thing is" Mr Zhang Stresses and louder his voice " The 5.0 version can sync data among mobiles and tablets, screams!" (It means the EfficientPIM app is coming?) "Yes, this is all people are looking for in these years-- EfficientPIM 5.0 is workable on Windows PC/laptops, Android/iOS mobiles and tables, even synchronize data among them freely in the same LAN. Is it amazing?" (Yes, So exciting, I am a fan of it as well, I will try it in the first time.) "Of course, even to feedback the continuous years of support, people can use the app totally Free if he owns the Windows Pro/Network version, in other words, buy the windows Pro/network version, app is Free given. Even the App have same functions with Windows version, even users can directly make phones calls in the software, it is much more convenience now."

"This upgrade is just a beginning", Paul Zhang added, "This App is mainly for personal use now, just follow by, we will launch the app business version next, cloud storage version (Pro and Network), synchronize data with Email Client, Outlook, Google calendar and so on, so focus on us and welcome for any good comments and suggestions. Thanks!"

Price and Availability
EfficientPIM is workable on Windows PC/laptops, Android/iOS mobiles and tables (soon) with 38+languages over 176 countries, the App have same functions with Windows version, even users can directly make phones calls in the software. The new price system will come next week, however, own Windows pro/network, enjoy App for Free is confirmed. :)

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Founded in 2005, Efficient Software is a premier company offering professional personal information management software for individuals and businesses. Its goal is to create high-quality products to satisfy the needs of every person to become efficient and successful. Now it has 11 products, such as Efficient Calendar(calendar, tasks and appointment management), Efficient Man’s /Lady’s Organizer(all in one functions), Efficient Reminder(calendar and reminder software), Efficient Address Book (contacts management software ), Efficient Notes, Efficient Password Manager, Efficient Diary and so on. Check more at:
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