How to Set Passwords for Server Files When I Use Network Edition?

If you want to set a password for data file and manage users' information, please connect to server as administrator.

  1. If you want to set a password for your database file, you need to ask all users disconnect to server at first. Then open EfficientPIM on your server computer, and click File -> Connect to Server.
    Server ID: Get from Efficient Organizer Server or User Management Window. And then click Get Server Info button.
    Server: Automatically access
    Database file: Automatically access
    Username: SYSDBA (default system administrator)
    Password: masterkey (default system administrator password)

    Tips: You can click File -> User Management to see whether there is any user connecting to server or not.

  2. Click File -> Password Protection -> Password to open the File XXX. Also, you can set password for Diary, Notes or Password Manager Module respectively.
  3. If you require login from minimized state, click Tools -> Options -> General, and check " Require login from minimized state" option.

After setting, if other users want to connect to server, they must input this password correctly too. When you want to cancel this password, just click File -> Password Protection -> Password to open the File XXX. And leave "New Password" empty after you input your "Old Password".

This article is also suitable for Efficient Man's/ Lady's Organizer, Efficient Reminder, Efficient Address Book, Efficient Notes, Efficient Diary, Efficient Password Manager, Efficient Calendar, Efficient To-Do List, and Efficient Sticky Notes.

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