Tips: connecting to the server as client on LAN


Please connect to the database file, then click File menu and select Users as shown below. The User Management window pops up, now please check anyone (for example, here check HANNA or SYSDBA)to make its color become blue,

then we will see the Connect to Server information at the left bottom side. OK, here we can pick out the information that we need.


Please click File and select Connect to Server. Then a window pops up, we should type in the information that we got just now(Please pay attention to this step, many users did something wrong)

Server: (the IP of the computer as server) or WIN-QE8E0TSCE8E (the computer name as server)

Database file: D:\work\EfficientPIM\test.effw (here the file directory must be the same as the picture show above)


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